Nutrition Guide

Eat the Rainbow

The GW Resiliency & Well-being Center (R&W Center) created this guide to walk you through the science and simple how-tos for good nutrition!

The Nutrition Guide was authored by nutrition scientist Leigh A. Frame, PhD, MHS, CERT '20, associate director of the R&W Center, director of the Integrative Medicine Programs, executive director of the Office of Integrative Medicine & Health, and an associate professor in the departments of Clinical Research and Leadership and Physician Assistant Studies at the GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

Dr. Frame outlines the following concepts and more in the guide:

  • How to "build" a plate that includes the quantifies and diversity of foods needed for a balanced diet;
  • The nutritional benefits of "eating the rainbow" and how to do it;
  • Healthy eating tips, mindful eating tips, how to feed your gut microbiome, and more.

Nutrition is the foundation of health—this guide is meant for anyone who eats and wants to live their best life!